EAP Seminar and Workshops Part 2

EAP Seminars and Workshops Part 2 At the UT Southwestern Medical Center EAP, a wide array of different workplace seminars are available to employers and their most dedicated employees. Employees do not have to pay to be placed on a contract, and training will be scheduled accordingly. You can find more in our Part 1…


EAP Seminars and Workshops Part 1

EAP Seminars and Workshops Part 1 At the UT Southwestern Medical Center EAP, we provide a variety of workplace seminars for contracted employers and their employees. We schedule free training on a per contract basis for employees. Our available seminars and workshops will include the following topics: How Well Are You Managing Your Time? Are…


Maintaining a Respectful Relationship With Employees

It is every employee’s dream to work in an environment that is warm and friendly. It is because of this that employers work tirelessly to relate better with their employees and create high morale at the work place. In most cases, the employee finds it hard to connect to the employer because of reasons such as respect and flexibility. On the other hand, the employer may find it difficult to respond to the employee’s every need. This usually results in poor productivity. In order to create a good environment between employers and employees, both entities need to make conscious effort in making the other party’s life easier. Someone once said that you get what you give. Therefore if the employer wants respect, he or she has to give respect.

How to Show and Receive Respect

When the employer and the employee both respect the job and each other, working together becomes real simple. When the employer respects the employee, he or she will uphold all the work ethics, treat the employee right and provide for the necessary things that will make the employee’s work easier. When the employee respects the employer, he or she will respect the job, work with diligence and uphold all the rules of the work place. This will not only make work easier in the office but will also help improve their relationship in the work place. There will be no quarrels.

Some examples of flexibility an employer can allow is the ability to work from home using Skype as a work_life_flexiblemeans of communication. Or allowing you to attend a doctor’s appt for say, a physical or blood work, during the workday. Another idea is being able to exercise over their lunch break, using complimentary Sole E35 elliptical trainer machines that are often on work campuses across the country.

Life is not static, it keeps changing. The best way to cope with it is to be flexible. This also applies to the work place. Things will not always go according to plan. When this happens, it is pointless trying to fix everything into a box. Be flexible. If situations change at work, change your way of doing things. This goes both ways; to the employer and to the employee. Flexibility does not just apply to work schedules and procedures. It also applies to relationships in the office. The work place consists of people of all walks of life. It is important that every individual is flexible enough to accommodate just about any personality. This will make the environment at work friendly and conducive for just about anyone. When every person can easily accommodate each other at the work place, they will be able to endure the hard times.

Having an work place where everyone can feel comfortable takes hard work. Respect and flexibility among employers and employees will not be achieved with everyone locked out in a cubical working from eight to five. Create a situation where all the workers can easily interact and get to know each other. Add some fun to work. This can be done by engaging in some games or exercises during the work day. Allow for some personal needs from time to time because everyone is human and people need a break to be able to accomplish things. Home life has gotten increasingly more complicated with technology, school needs, kids homework, dinner, and other personal things that need attending to. If employees are able to get a fraction of these things done during the day, they will come in refreshed and ready to work in the morning with a great attitude. This is when you get the most out of your employee and you’ll see the payoff in the amount of work that is completed.